Wet Sun Light Show


Wet Sun Light Show is an authentic 1960’s liquid light show.

Wet Sun Light Show was originally started in 1968 by artists Phil Hazard and John Ferns. Wet Sun Light Show incorporates slides, films, liquid oils and dyes utilizing numerous overhead, slide and film projectors producing a unique multi-media live event of visual paintings with light.

In the early days Wet Sun Light Show produced light shows for Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Amboy Dukes, Virgil Fox, and many musical performances and venues throughout Ohio, Michigan and the Midwest.

In the 1980’s Wet Sun Light Show performed light shows in New York City for Rudi Stern at Let There Be Neon gallery/studio.

Currently Wet Sun Light Show has performed a variety of light shows for arts events, including the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, “The Mix” Art Fundraiser, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Valentine Theatre, and the Maumee Theatre.

Recently, Wet Sun Light Show video footage was featured in the television broadcast of Unsung on TV One. Wet Sun Light Show members are Phil Hazard, John Ferns and Tricia Swemba and is based in Toledo Ohio. Wet Sun is now re-visiting their original 60’s style liquid light show and merging new digital technology for a dynamic visual experience with light.


Wet Sun – “Blue Lady’”  Liquids and DLP video film images from The Mix, Arts Commission of Toledo


Wet Sun Light Show –  Liquid projections on the band, THE MAUMEE THEATER